Hawaii To Lanzarote

Hawaii To Lanzarote

A proposal for connection, co-operation and consciousness between the two ocean archipelagos


MAUI Haleakala

An Invitation

This is an open invitation from Mona Valens in Lanzarote, at the time of her visit to Hawaii, to introduce you to Lanzarote, in the Canary Islands, if you are not already aware of this sister archipelago in the other great ocean at the other side of our planet.

It is hoped that this information may lead to a series of visits intent on developing connections, co-operation and projects of consciousness. between us.

Some Facts

You may have heard of the Canary Islands and Lanzarote, where I live, which is the oldest and nearest the African Continent. There are so many similarities between Hawaii and the Canary Islands although they are practically at opposite points on the planet. However, while Hawaii is lush and covered in greenery, Lanzarote is arid (Saharan Climate). This means that Lanzarote Volcanic activity is hardly affected by rain over the years so it is venerated by volcanologists in being close to its original state.

Hawaii has ancient connections with Lemuria, whereas legend has it that The Canaries had Atlantean connections. They were referred to by Shakespeare as the “Fortunate Islands”. Both have links to earlier people; the Polynesians and the Guanchos and finished up being controlled / annexed by colonial powers earlier in their history. The list of the longest lava tubes in the world includes both places. Very famous is the “Jameos del Agua”, a volcanic tube stretching far out under the ocean, and rebuilt by Lanzarote’s artist eco-warrior, César Manrique

The symbol of Lanzarote is the tiny albino crustacean which inhabits the attraction’s pool although normally only living at great depth.

The Canaries, like Hawaii, are a major habitation for whales and dolphins and have recently been defended against oil drilling there. Marathon enthusiasts will be used to seeing Lanzarote and Hawaii in the same context as they both host the Iron Man Series. Similarly both are Meccas for surf fanatics.

Spanish is the official language but English is widely spoken as millions of English speaking tourists visit every year. Manrique was instrumental in ensuring the tourist zones were limited to three major resorts, leaving the rest of the island unspoiled and totally volcanic rustic.

Talking of volcanoes Lanzarote has about 300 peaks and the lava formation is described as the Hawaiian type, (slow moving and without pyroclastic flow!

Both places have stunning natural beauty and Lanzarote has a biosphere status, as designated by UNESCO. The beauty falls mainly in the categories of volcanic landscapes, beaches, geology, and endemic flora and fauna.

Like Hawaii, Lanzarote has attracted a large selection of international residents and has a notable sector of spiritual teachers, therapists, yogis, healers, astrologers and sustainable living groups.

While officially part of Spain, Lanzarote time is always the same as  Greenwich Mean Time. It is easily accessible by direct flight from most major European cities. There is a substantial tourist hotel industry, although you can stay in rural accommodation and unusual AirBNB offerings, for a more typical environment.

For all these reasons, and many more, we think Lanzarote would be an ideal location for spiritual conferences or holistic gatherings, as a mutual place between the Americas and Europe, sunny all year.

Please contact us if you wish to contribute to this project, or simply are interested to know more about it. We all can make it happen!!!

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